Friday, August 13, 2010

Continuing on up the Coast

(Part 2: Santa Barbara -> San Fran)

After the buzz of the Seymour Duncan factory tour, Heather warned me we were gonna be kinda pushing it to get all the way to San Fransisco in the time we had left in the day, particularly if we were to take the scenic route with roads winding along the coast, slowing us way down. We had a big decision to make! I gulped hard & made the call: if she was up to it (being the sole insured driver of the mighty Volvo station wagon) I was certainly into pushing on through - taking a bit more of the coastal route and then following the 101 inland for the more direct highway connection up through to San Fran.

As it turned out, we kept on talking and chatting about this and that and all-sorts (as you tend to do on a proper road trip!) and the journey was just lovely! Even though we'd chosen the less awesome tourist route, I found the scenery along the way actually rather interesting and beautiful, and Heather kept me informed with bits of information on what was being grown along the road sides, plus various places which were common to use on shoots for this and that. I couldn't have wished for a better tour of California! Thank you, Heather!

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  1. Radials.

    Would a liked to have seen the coast, but you know! Seymour comes up trumps!