Saturday, August 7, 2010

LA regular life snips in large format

OK, so, just to clear this one up: Yes, general items and consumables in the US of A does generally comes in LARGE size as standard. Here's the regular morning set-up of Milk, Ground Coffee and Orange juice I wake up to here to kick off my day:

Also, if you wanna get a regular sweet old regular [Aussie-style] flat white coffee, or a cafe latte, or whatever is your thing, you have to go to a real fancy place, like "Intelligentsia" and pay $5 for a cup of the fine black bean juice, with uber-special concierge style service from an ultra slick barrista hipster.

Intelligentsia on Abbott Kinney, Venice

All in all, it's been great in LA. Got a few more leads on guitars via Craigslist, and the city's fine array of Pawn Shops, still to follow up on before moving on.

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